Dual Rotary

Foremost DR-24HD

Our fleet of DR24HD, Dual Rotary rigs are regularly used to drill and case through hundreds of feet of tough overburden where Air Rotary Casing Hammer, Dual Wall Percussion Hammer, and Under-reaming Systems rigs have struggled or been unsuccessful; and when Mud Rotary is just not an option. The DR24HD also performs excellently in a variety of open-hole drilling applications, making it one of the most versatile, powerful, and truly unique machines in the drilling industry. The DR24HD rigs are all DOT and emissions legal in all 50 states.

Foremost DR-24

As with all our Dual Rotary rigs, the DR24 features a lower table drive that can turn casing up to 24 inches in diameter and through any challenging overburden.  While a top drive is operating independently these units can operate any number of down hole bit configurations depending on formation type and needs.  In addition, once the over burden is cased off, the DR24 can continue with the top drive to drill into the consolidated materials to greater depths making it one of the most dynamic and useful machines in the field today.  The DR24 rigs are both DOT and emissions legal in all 50 states.