GEFCO Speedstar CH 50K

The Speedstar CH 50K is one of the most technologically advanced rigs available in the drilling industry today.  Our fleet of 50K rigs comes equipped with an onboard casing hammer and was designed with the “ARCH” (air rotary casing hammer) drilling method in mind. In addition, this rig is ideal for a multitude of configurations with minimal effort to meet the ongoing diversity of our clients’ needs, making this one of the most versatile rigs for a wide variety of projects.  The Speedstar 50K rigs are both DOT and emissions legal in all 50 states.

GEFCO Speedstar CH 40K

The Speedstar CH 40K was designed with all the same versatility as a 50K, but a slightly smaller load rating.  The real advantage comes with the multiple-speed tophead, allowing for increased speed and torque coupled with the increased tophead travel speed, making this unit extremely dynamic and highly efficient.  The rig retains a relatively compact size, allowing for excellent location accessibility, quick operational setup, and rig movement.  Configured with onboard injection pumps & compressors, this decreases the site footprint and site-to-site move time by eliminating the need for auxiliary and external air/mud circulation equipment.