Water Supply

Taylor Titan 225C

The Titan 225C is the largest rig in our fleet, designed for our client’s larger water well needs.  Providing an innovative solution for today’s conventional or reverse rotary drill applications and is capable of landing casing as large as 48” in diameter.  The Titan is designed with a straight rotary, table drive platform and is mounted on a 4-axle chassis and equipped with a 2013 Emissions certified deck engine, the Titan 225C is both DOT and emissions legal in all 50 states.

Titan Video

GEFCO Speedstar 110K

The Speedstar 110K is an incredibly versatile, top-head rotary drive rig designed to perform exceptionally in a multitude of drilling applications. This rig has the rotary torque and pullback required for large diameter well installations combined with the safety and efficiency associated with top-head rotary drill configurations. The Range 3 mast is built to accommodate 40-foot casing lengths, which translates to less welding and well installation time when compared to most top-head drive rigs with shorter derricks.

110K Video